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Spring Texas Zip Code

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  • Spring is a census-designated place (CDP) within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of Houston in Harris County, Texas, United States, north of Downtown Houston. The population was 36,385 at the 2000 census.

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  • a code of letters and digits added to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail
  • A group of five or nine numbers that are added to a postal address to assist the sorting of mail
  • ZIP codes are a system of postal codes used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) since 1963. The term ZIP, an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan, is properly written in capital letters and was chosen to suggest that the mail travels more efficiently, and therefore more quickly, when senders
  • (Zip Codes) Postal codes, which can be used as a geographic signal. They tend to be particularly useful to use as an identifier for a geographic location because zip codes that are close to one another numerically tend to correspond to locations that are close to one another geographically.

spring texas zip code

1024–Bambino has been Tagged!

1024--Bambino has been Tagged!
Bambino and I were recently tagged by @RedStar. Now, I’m supposed to tell you 10 facts about Bambino, the dog.

1. Bambino’s mother weighed circa 25 pounds. She was a beautiful Border collie and Terrier mix. His father was a very large Rottweiler. Bambino’s weight averages 45 pounds. My last live-in bf encouraged me to adopt one of the pups from Bambino’s mother’s litter. Bambino was born in early 1998.

2, Bambino is the Spanish word for male baby. The female baby is referred to as la bambina in Spanish.

3. Bambino was born in zip code 78415; which is the Hispanic “heart” of Corpus Christi, Texas. The area has a very high crime rate and gangs problems. Nick (last live-in bf) and I had NO problems from anyone in the neighborhood; where we resided together with my elderly Australian Shepherd, and a young Poohbear cat, prior to and after adopting Bambino.

4. The owner of Bambino’s mother and littermate sister donated Bambino’s beloved sister to the City of Corpus Christi Animal Control; after the mail carrier warned us he was going to call CC Animal Control; if the loose dogs ganged up against him one more time. Bambino’s sister was put in a gas chamber that night; before Nick & I could go to the city pound the next day to adopt her or claim her if needed. Bambino went temporarily TOTALLY NUTS; when his sister was killed. From a window, he watched the uniformed officers take his sister away. He HATES people in police style uniforms.

5. When Bambino was a small puppy, Poohbear, the cat quickly showed Bambino that he was Bambino’s boss. Bambino loves HIS cat family; which Poohbear initiated by bringing home a feral Calico mother and her 4 kittens; several months after relocating to this mobile home. Bambino loves to chase other cats away.

6. Bambino HATES possums! A mother possum had a litter of babies under the garage at the house in zip code 78415. Bambino wiped out almost the entire litter; after the babies were old enough to explore the yard alone at night. He will have a barking fit; if a possum wanders onto the deck to drink water at night.
Since he wiped out most of another litter and badly injured the mother circa 2 years ago, the local resident possums stay away from our home.

7. Bambino’s favorite toys are Hopi Kachina Doll’s (deceased Australian Shepherd) small soccer ball and football. Both balls are now more than 11 years old. Bambino does not tear up his toys or my possessions.

8. Bambino quickly accepted Tommy cat’s presence here; after Tommy was adopted by other cats and me in July 2008. Bambino was very eager to get his first opportunity to chase Tommy. Tommy stood his ground, and did not run from Bambino. Bambino has respected him since then.

9. Bambino has been a healthy dog during his 11 years with me; except for him bringing home Red Mange mites and Cheyletiella “rabbit fur” mites during Spring 2009. The Red Mange mites, which cause bald areas and skin inflammation, were easy to get rid of. I never heard of and/or dealt with Cheyletiella mites before. They are a nightmare. Pro Pet Flea & Tick shampoo is the ONLY product; which has worked to entirely eliminate the Cheyletiella “rabbit fur” mites on Bambino. He developed visible cataracts during 2008.

10. Bambino loves to run and play ball. He has been able to climb chain link fences his entire life; so quickly became an inside dog. I allow him to run free circa two times per day in the early morning and late afternoon or evening. The location of my home is in a safe area for him to roam free during these hours.
He is TERRIFIED of thunder and lightning!

I am tagging @MANIFEST!/Rita Timmons & Roarke Jeremy; and also, @Mel1rst & Bob and Cacau.

November 2010–During early June 2010, it was necessary to part with 12 year old Bambino. Recently, I have learned he has a new owner; who loves him very much. God Bless You, Bambino! You are in my thoughts everyday. Also, God Thank You for providing Bambino a new happy "furever" home. 🙂

Hotel Settles – Big Spring, Texas

Hotel Settles - Big Spring, Texas
Sign of the times?

This boarded up street is on Interstate 20 business route through downtown Big Spring, Texas. Population about 25K. Sad.

This is 3rd street, one-way east connecting to Interstate 20. Second street is one-way west.

The building is empty. Abandoned, boarded up. How can this be?

Recycle 20080722 v389f2
Note: I am recycling this photo because of the interesting comments added recently by visitors that were there when the building was younger.

Recycle 20090715 v1245f2
Note: I am recycling the photo again because of the interesting comments added in the past year. I have been taking pictures of many buildings and mid-town areas in lots of cities. None have sparked the nostalgia and memories as this much as this one.

Update 2012! Read the comments for news of the Settles Hotel re-opening!